When booking you'll sign a contract and pay a retainer fee that is equal to 50% of your session cost that will go towards your session total. Once you’ve officially reserved your date, we will go over the session in further detail. We'll discuss locations, outfits, and any vision you may have.

I will keep an eye on the forecast the day of your shoot and contact you if the weather will not be permissible for us to continue with things as scheduled. If we must reschedule due to weather we will work together to find the next best possible date! 



Prior to the session we’ll also chat about wardrobe ideas and I will help guide you in choosing the right outfits that will compliment your images. All clients are given access to my “What to Wear Guide” as well as my personalized help along the way. I am always available to help if needed.


Your session will be fun. I will always capture a few traditional poses of everyone looking, and then move on to capture the real moments – your connection with one another and your time together in this moment. There’s no need to worry if the kids don’t want to look at the camera and smile, I love capturing the moments, the love and connection between your loved ones no need for posing.

04. the images

Following your session I carefully go through the photos to insure only the best images will be produced for your preview gallery. I get rid of any images where there is talking, blinking, movement, etc. Once I've narrowed down to get rid of any images not worthy of the preview gallery, the images will be uploaded to the preview gallery. From this gallery you will be able to select the images for editing.

After you select the images from your gallery each image is individually hand edited to reflect my style. Please keep in mind that my edits and shooting style are my brand, and are a direct reflection of my brand and style. I do not produce un-edited images to the clients, as my edits reflect my style and my brand, and any inconsistencies would be confusing for future clients. My turn around time is 2- 3 weeks from the date you notify me of your selections.

Once I’ve completed the edits for your session you will receive an email with the link to view your gallery and a link to download your gallery. I do not rush through my edits and put a lot of time and love into making sure you'll be pleased with the images produced.