Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your burning questions........

What should we wear?

Most importantly, wear something you feel yourself in. Neutrals tend to look nice in photos but a soft pop of colour or two can also work wonderfully ( if colour is your thing). A tip is to try to coordinate you family's outfits, without being too "matchy matchy" (e. g. Good: everyone wears whites/blue/creams/grey/tan and not-so-great: everyone wears jeans and a black shirt).

Will you help us during the session?

Yes, yes, yes! I will not leave you hanging. I will guide you and pose you so you are in the best light, then let the interaction happen naturally. I know most people think they are not "good at taking pictures," but you don't need to do anything. Just be yourself!

But where do we do our outdoor sessions?

Our beautiful city of Vancouver offers some of the best backdrops! I would love to recommend some of my favourite locations that I have
scouted out.

When will we get our photos?

Within 2-3 weeks after the session you will receive an email with your gallery link with all your photos.

May I bring my spouse and other kids to my maternity session?

Of course! I always suggest making the maternity session a family affair. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the siblings with mama's baby bump!

Can I have the unedited images/ could I purchase additional images that aren't edited for a cheaper price?

No, I do not sell or give any unedited images. I do not give
unedited images for several reasons. The main reason being to have a consistent look and style for my brand. If someone see's an unedited image by me mixed in with edited images they won't know what to expect when booking me. It's to have consistency in my style and brand. You're always welcome to purchase additional edited images, just inquire when making the selections for your gallery.

Do you have a question?

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You will receive a link for downloading your high resolution digital images via an online gallery. You will be able to share the link with friends, family and co-workers for viewing and downloading as well.

Why should we choose you?

It is important to me that you feel a connection to what I can offer you. Your choice should be because you love my style. You shouldn’t choose me purely based on my price or availability, or just to get the job done. Connection is important to ensure your memories are captured perfectly. People who love what I do and share my passion will get the best results. My style is my own and I am proud of the quality of my work. Please don’t ask me to change my style to suit your needs; I don’t want you to be offended by my refusal. If we are not a good fit, you will not get the desired outcome. I will not be offended if I am not the right photographer for you. There's a photographer out there for everyone, and I may be able offer you suggestions of a photographer better suited to your style.