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In-Home Newborn Session

This session is ideal for those who want a more relaxed peek into your family's life at home as you cuddle up to your new baby. 

A lifestyle newborn session is meant to capture a glimpse of your life with your new little one. This means I don't really do perfectly-posed photos in a studio setting. A newborn session with me will take place in your own home! Posed studio portraits are beautiful, but that's just a different style and it all depends what you are looking for.

But, in my opinion, a lifestyle session in your own home makes the newborn photos all the more special.

We get the must-have photos of all the new tiny fingers and toes, while also capturing what life looked like with your newborn's first week in your actual house... the place where you'll make all your first memories together!

Rocking in the nursery, cuddling on the couch, photos in the nursery. (Also, by the way, we ideally do these sessions within the first ten days of baby being born!)

All-white diapers or a white diaper cover. This is an easy thing to overlook but man does it look better to have all-white diapers in the photos.

The little yellow ducks on the pampers and all those baby designs on Huggies and Honest diapers are cute, but they also can show up right through a swaddle in a picture and it's distracting. You can get all-white diapers or a diaper cover at Target. Other places too probably, but I know for sure at Target.

6) What to wear? You just can't go wrong with light and airy neutral colors. Why? Because homes can be a little darker and you want to bring as much light into your photos as possible! Mainly though, simple neutral colors are less distracting. The focus of the photos stays on your new baby and the family. You can also keep it a little more casual than you might for other family sessions (no shoes necessary!)- you are in your own home, after all. What's a nice, neutral outfit that still makes sense to wear around your own home? Check below for a few ideas!


Enter a Heading

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This allows me the flexibility to ensure that the gorgeous spot I’m planning is at peak bloom! This setting is absolutely stunning and so versatile. It’s perfect for family, maternity, couples, babies, seniors, etc! 


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